Tørskind Grusgrav

Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

From the top of the former gravel you will have a view of one of the most spectacular parts of Vejle River Valley

Tørskind Grusgrav is a former gravel pit, that has been transformed into a sculpture park with works of steel, granite and wood by landscape artists Jean Clareboudt and Robert Jacobsen. The sculptures have been restored recently by Vejle Museerne. The area is located on the edge of Vejle River Valley with a view of one of the most spectacular parts of Vejle River Valley and Fjord. The area is sparsely populated and therefore the view is dominated by nature.

Tørskind Grusgrav is an ideal place to convey the story of the creek valley, the creation of the landscape, the natural restoration of the creek, the history of farming at Klingebækgaard, fish farming etc.

The low and wide creek-area was created by meltwater and heavy glaciers during the ice ages. The alder trees, that are still present today, and used to line Vejle River, are a testament to it´s winding origins. The area has been populated since the stone age. There are also traces back to the 900s, where the vikings build the Ravning-bridge across the creek valley.

A path on the edge of the creek valley is in the planning. The path will become a connection between several spectacular vantage points. The view from the edge of the gravel pit could be underlined by a sculpturally designed platform.


Owner: Vejle Kommune
Parking: Tørskind Grusgrav, within 150 meters
Accessibility: Only on foot, parking at Tørskind Grusgrav


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Longitude: 9.310183

Latitude: 55.649107

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