Stoltenbjerg / Randbøl Hede

Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

Enjoy the view from Stoltenbjerg to one of the largest inland moors in Denmark

Randbøl Hede is one of the largest inland moors in Denmark. It stretches from Vejle municipality and in to Billund. The area around Randbøl Hede and Fredrikshåb Plantage is full of  spectacular nature experiences and traces of cultural history from several periods. It´s a popular open-air area with lots of trails and great facilities. Among others Kirstinelyst, a nature information-center.

On the northern edge of Randbøl Hede close to Fredrikshåb Plantage, you will find Staldbakkerne. Here the sand dunes rise 17 meters above the flat moor, with Stoltenbjerg as the highest point. The vantage point is an ideal place to enjoy the pristine landscape. The landscape and the nature is unique, and there are no vantage platforms or trails planned. However, the information about  the area and the traces of it´s cultural history could be improved on.


Owner: Skovstyrelsen and Vejle Kommune
Parking: Fredrikshåbvej, 7183 Randbøl or the intersection between Almstokvej and Bøgvadvej, 7183 Randbøl
Accessibility: Stoltenbjerg is only accessible on foot via sandy trails


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Longitude: 9.174442

Latitude: 55.665656

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