Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

From the vantage tower at Østengård there’s a really great view of Vejle River Valley

At Østengård a new hiking trail and a vantage tower have been created as part of a nature project. The trail goes through a hilly terrain, alder swamps, springs and places where you can still find traces of diatomite, which was mined in the area in the past. From the vantage tower there’s a great view of Vejle River Valley and the cropped commons on the south-facing slopes.

The trail and the tower at Østengård offer great views of nature and landscape on the hilly slopes. The trail has a big recreational value for the residential areas at Skibet. The tower can be upgraded to a vantage platform, which apart from providing a better view can also add to the architectural value.


Owner: Private landowner
Parking: There are a few parking spots on Østengårdvej and Knabberupvej. Approximately 500-1000 meters from the tower Accessibility: The tower is only accessible on foot


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7100 Vejle


Longitude: 9.467404

Latitude: 55.718972

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