Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

The popular forest in Vejle with great views over the inlet towards Vejle Fjord-bridge and the iconic buildings "Bølgen" and "Fjordenhus"

Nørreskoven is a popular forest in close proximity to the city. It’s part of the characteristic beech forests on the hilly slopes along Vejle Fjord. There are several spectacular vantage points in the area. Close to the chosen vantage points there are attractions such as Vejle Stadion, Gorilla Park(a climbing park), Dyrehaven and Skyttehushaven. From the lowest vantage point at Skyttehusvejen there’s a great view over the inlet towards Vejle Fjord-bridge and the iconic buildings Bølgen and Fjordenhus.

Nørreskoven and the hilly slope along the northern side of the inlet is a big part of Vejles identity and image, for the many people who cross the Vejle Fjord-bridge every day. Nørreskoven is a place where people come together and partake in lots of different activities. North of the existing vantage bench the terrain rises about 25 meters towards a plateau. Here there is a possibility of building a vantage platform with a great view of the inlet and the city of Vejle over the canopy.


Owner: Vejle Kommune
Parking: Within 500 meters. Parking at Vejle Stadion, at Skyttehushaven and along Helligkildevej
Accessibility: Several vantage points are only accessible on foot, but the paths in the area are generally in good condition


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7120 Vejle


Longitude: 9.571913

Latitude: 55.708274

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