Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

Enjoy the great view of Vejle River Valley and Vejle with the inlet as a backdrop

The vantage point Himmelpind is a protected wooded hill on Vardevej 200 in Vejle. From 1958 to 1971 the place boasted an open-air stage and a zoo. There was also a motorcycle track nearby. Nowadays there’s a mountain bike-park with trails in the hilly terrain.

Around 1920 Trædballehus, at the foot of Himmelpind-bakken, was one of the most popular inns in the country. During it’s heyday the owner was Frederik Iversen, the man who wrote ”Trædballehuspolka”.

From Himmelpind there’s a great view of Vejle River Valley and Vejle with the inlet as a backdrop. From the Vejle Fjord River Valley winds it’s way westwards. The shape of the valley is the result of the ice moving during the last ice ages. In some places the valley floor is even and flat and in some very hilly. Another characteristic feature are the many deep gorges on the edge of the valley, that were formed by the streams.

Himmelpind would be an ideal place to create a permanent vantage point due to it’s position close to the city and it’s history. There has been created wedges in the forest to provide some view, but one or more fan-shaped vantage platforms would enhance said view. Enhancing the accessibility to the area would also be preferable.


Owner: Kulturselskab Himmelpind
Parking: Vardevej 200, 7100 Vejle. (Parking lot is very small)
Accessibility: The vantage point is only accessible on foot


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Longitude: 9.498174

Latitude: 55.714723

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