Engelsholm Lake

Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

Look forward to the great view from Nørup church over Engelsholm lake to the castle on the other side

From Nørup church there’s a great view over Engelsholm lake to the castle on the other side. The church was part of Engelsholm until 1935, and the connection is evident in the caractaristic onion domes on both buildings. The visual connection between the buildings is a testament to the cultural history of the area.

Engelsholm castle has housed a school since 1940 and is owned by the institution Engelsholm Højskole. There’s no public access to the castle or the other buildings, except when classical concerts are staged on the grounds. However the castle can be viewed at a distance from the southern part of the park.

The view from Nørup church is so spectacular, that is doesn’t make sense to establish big vantage towers. But maybe a discreet and simple vantage point can be created in the future.


Owner: Randbøl-Nørup Menighedsråd
Parking: Nørup Kirke, De Lichtenbergs Vej 32, 7182 Bredsten. Large parking lot with room for buses
Accessibility: The view from the cemetery is only accessible on foot


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Longitude: 9.318293

Latitude: 55.718899

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