Andkær Vig

Photo: Mads Fjeldsø

Experience one of the most beautiful views of Vejle Fjord

At Andkær Vig close to Holtser Hage there is a shelter ground with a beautiful view of Vejle Fjord. It’s part of a big open area on the south side of the inlet. The shelters are located in a secluded spot above the 16 meter tall cliff. From the small parking lot in front of the shelters, a path takes you down the steep cliff to a jetty. There’s also 1,5 kilometers of path through the hilly forest and down to the flat Holtser Hage.

The vantage point at the shelters is a good place to get a feel for the special landscape around Holtser Hage, which was created by deposits of sand and gravel. Holtser Hage is one of the few places in the municipality with a beach meadow. The place is part of a well-functioning open area with great facilities. The plan is to establish a smaller platform, that defines the vantage point and also have more information on site.



Owner: Vejle Kommune
Parking: Within 10 meters. (Limited)
Accessibility: By car. Although the small gravel road can’t handle that much traffic.


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Longitude: 9.652433

Latitude: 55.689951

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