Fra istid til nutid

From the ice age to the present

Photo: Vejle Kommune


The traces of the ice age are clearly seen in many places in the Vejle River Valley and Fjord. Through six animated films you can see how the river valleys around Vejle were created and get suggestions for exciting ice-time hiking routes.

This is how Vejle River Valley was created 

During the last ice age huge ice caps were formed on top of the mountains in Norway and Sweden. They stretched all the way down to Denmark and Vejle River Valley. As the ice caps mowed forward with great force, they created hills and peaks. When the ice finally melted, the meltwater ran west flushing deep into the valley floor. The water extended Vejle River Valley, which today is known as a tunnel valley or a U-shaped valley. The ice brought with it clay, sand, gravel and rocks from Norway, Sweden and the Baltic area. There are clear evidence of the powerful ice all over Vejle River Valley and Fjord.

Watch animated films about the birth of Vejle River Valley here.

This is how the ice age created today’s landscape

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