Places to park your motorhome

Photo: Palle Jørly Jensen

Here you can spend the night in your motorhome

If you are driving a motorhome, there a several ways to spend the night in the Vejle River Valley area. There are motorhome grounds and marinas with designated spots for motorhomes. In some places private landowners will let you park on their land.

General rules for camping in motorhomes in Denmark
As a rule you can always park your motorhome on Danish campgrounds. Quite a few of them have designated facilities for motorhomes. You can park in a rest area, but you are not allowed to pitch your tent, extend your awning etc. Some rest areas offer facilities, where you can empty your waste tank and refill your water. Unless otherwise stipulated you’re allowed to enter public parking lots to park and rest. If it’s prohibited there will signs posted.

On you can read about vacationing in motorhomes in Denmark.

Motorhome spots in the Vejle River Valley area:
Brejning Lystbådehavn
Brejning Strand 104
DK-7080 Børkop

Vejle Lystbådehavn
DK-7100 Vejle

Jelling Kro
Gormsgade 16
DK-7300 Jelling

Hans Thomsens Vej 103
DK-7184 Vandel

P-Plads ved Billund Trav
Nordmarksvej 1
DK-7190 Billund

Bindeballe Købmandsgård
Bindeballevej 100
DK-7183 Randbøl

Familien Aagesen
Vongevej 25
DK-7300 Jelling

Jørgen Uth
Grenevej 5
DK-7190 Billund

Marianne Jensen
Hærvejen 96
DK-7182 Bredsten

Familien Hesel
Bindeballevej 22
DK-7183 Randbøldal

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