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Engelsholm Lake - angling lake

At the beautiful Engelsholm Castle you will find the Lake of Engelsholm, a very clean angling lake. The lake is supplied with natural spring water and the river of Vejle Å originates from this lake. It is to a limited extent possible to angle at the lake as well as rent a rowing boat to go on lake.

Engelsholm Sø is a very pure fishing lake, which is supplied with natural spring water. The river of Vejle Å originates from the lake. You can wade out from the shore approx. 8 metres in waders as the lake has a firm bed. There are two boats for hire.

Please respect the protected natural area next to the castle. There are a limited number of day passes for the lake. Apart from the two boats for hire, only members of the Nørup-Randbøl Sportfiskerforening (angling associataion) and local residents are permitted to sail on the lake. The Dagli'Brugsen supermarket in Ny Nørup is responsible for the sale of day passes for fishing in Engelsholm lake and the rental of boats. It is recommended that you call in advance if you want to rent a boat.

Dagli'Brugsen Ny Nørup, Billundvej 35, Ny Nørup, 7182 Bredsten, tel. +4575883038.

A wheelchair ramp and picnic tables and benches are available at Engelsholm Sø.